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  • Preserved Flowers are natural flowers that are hand-picked and cut at the peak of blooming

    How long will the preserved last ?

    It is difficult to talk about the longevity of the flowers

    Several factors influence this : exposure to sunlight, humidity and maintenance. We prefer to talk about'QUALITY' Because each flowers behaves differently over time. Some lose their colors, while others darken. 
    The flowers does not change radically from one day to the next. However , it is possible to indicate that under optimal conditions of use, our preserved flowers remain intact from 1 year to 3 years.

    Please do not expect to receive 100% the same arrangement as the sample photo.

    Kindly read our full terms &conditions before proceeding.


    Size : 
    Length : - + 40 cm 
    Width : -+ 30 cm
    Height : -+ 70 cm 

    Bear Boba Bouquet


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