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  • Size
    Length : 32.5 cm
    Height : 22.5 cm
    Width : 5 cm


    Introducing "Timeless Expressions" – a captivating fusion of sentiment and everlasting beauty. 🌸✨ This exquisite frame is not just a display piece; it's a canvas for your emotions. Inside, discover a thoughtfully designed greeting card that holds the power to convey your sweetest words.

    What sets "Timeless Expressions" apart is the delicate embrace of preserved flowers adorning the frame. These blooms, frozen in time, symbolize the enduring nature of your message. Each petal whispers a tale of love and affection, creating a visual and emotional masterpiece.

    Make your sentiments truly unforgettable with "Timeless Expressions." Whether it's a declaration of love, gratitude, or celebration, this framed beauty transforms your words into a timeless work of art. Embrace the elegance of heartfelt expression with a touch of preserved floral charm. 🌹💖 #TimelessExpressions #EternalEmbrace #FloralSentiments


    Timeless Valentine's Day


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