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  • Size : 
    Length : - + 70 cm 
    Width : -+ 40 cm
    Height : -+ 98 cm 

    "Rossie and Bear" – the perfect duo for expressing love and affection! 🌹🐻💕 Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of "Rossie," a stunning arrangement of delicate roses nestled in a charming bloom box design. Each bloom speaks the language of love, creating a visual symphony that warms the heart.

    But the magic doesn't stop there! Accompanying "Rossie" is an adorable teddy bear, adding a cuddly touch to your heartfelt gesture. To top it off, a love balloon floats gracefully, symbolizing the joyous emotions that come with the gift of love.


    Whether it's an anniversary, Valentine's Day, or just a spontaneous expression of affection, "Rossie and Bear" promise to convey your sentiments in the most delightful way. Embrace the magic of love with this enchanting combination of roses, teddy bear hugs, and a touch of whimsy. 🌹🐻🎈 #RossieAndBear #LoveInBloom #HeartfeltGifting

    Rossie and Bear


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