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  • Flower: Fresh 

    length : +- 22 Cm 
    width : +- 13 cm 
    height : +- 35 cm

    "Love is in the Air" Bloom Box, a breathtaking fusion of nature's beauty and heartfelt sentiments. This exquisite floral arrangement is designed to evoke the timeless charm of love, making it the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

    Nestled within our elegantly crafted Bloom Box, you'll discover a fresh flowers. Each bloom is meticulously chosen for its lifelike appearance, ensuring a stunning and enduring display that will brighten any space.

    But that's not all – accompanying this floral masterpiece is an adorable teddy bear, embodying cuddly affection, and a love balloon that adds an extra touch of whimsy to the ensemble. The plush teddy bear serves as a constant reminder of the warmth and tenderness shared between you and your loved one, while the love balloon symbolizes the joy that love brings into our lives.

    Whether it's a romantic gesture, an anniversary celebration, or just a spontaneous expression of love, the "Love is in the Air" Bloom Box is designed to make hearts flutter. Elevate your expressions of love with this enchanting arrangement that goes beyond words, capturing the magic of love in a box.

    Love is in the air


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